Student Blogging Challenge # 9

1.)Will you continue blogging over your summer holidays (Northern hemisphere) or during the winter term (Southern Hemisphere)? Why or why not?

Well, what do you think? I am not really so sure what I’m going to do. One side of me says that I should but the other side of me isn’t that  sure. I think I will continue because I like writing about many topics. On the other hand, I think I should take a break for a while and then continue. What would you choose?

2.)If you didn’t get many visitors to your blog (other than your classmates), what do you think you need to do to get them to visit?

In my perspective, I did get visitors but for me, it wasn’t enough. I saw other classmates that had triple the visitors than what I had. I think my key to get more visitors is to comment more other blogs. That was one of my weakest things that I didn’t do.

(This was part of Student Blogging Challenge # 9)

Mario Kart

Have you ever played the game Mario Kart on your computer? Isn’t it interesting that in your computer you don’t need a control to play? Well, I think I enjoy playing this game better on the computer than on  any other device because it is more challenging for my hands. On other devices such as the DS, I know the buttons front and back and don’t even bother to look at it. Also, I enjoy playing this game on my computer because it has unique games than the ones that I have on my other devices. They mess with me and my brain. In one race, it has several different routes that I find myself losing at the end because I was confuse. What do you think? (This was Student Blogging Challenge #8 )


Family Reunion

The best times of my life is hanging with my family. I really enjoy being with my family because it’s just an amazing thing seeing that you have  more than thirty cousins here with you, at that instant moment. Probably you could guess how many uncles and aunties I have by the number of cousins,  and they are fifteen. This is just from one side of my family. Every time I have a family reunion is usually from my dad’s side when we are in Mexico. We just gather together as a moment to be enjoyed because families from U.S usually go during summer. Everybody talks about anything and everybody does activities together (like playing soccer or playing jump rope). Sincerely, I don’t remember any conversations that we talk about but what I do know, is, that there are a lot of conversations floating around every single time. Do you enjoy being with your family? Where do you go to visit them? (This is part of Student Blogging Challenge #7. )

Earth Day

The other day, my classmates and I were able to do an assignment in which we explain how we could help Earth based on Earth Day.  I decided to help the Earth by recycling my batteries by bringing them to school in which the school takes them to be recycled. By this, I will avoid ground water getting contaminated by the batteries that have some bad chemicals. What did you do to help Earth? My school, made a spirit competition on collecting bottle caps. The class that gets the most bottle caps, will win a pizza party and points for their team. This is all due to honoring Earth. What do you think about this spirit competition? Would you like a spirit competition in your school like that? (This was Student Blogging Challenge #7.)

My Theme

For Student Blogging Challenge #1 we were suppose to write about why we chose our theme. As part of this assignment, I picked this theme because I thought that black and gray could represent me in many ways. It shows that I like basic things and not fancy. Also that this color could probably be combined with many things. It also had what I was looking for, at least two columns, one for writing and the other one for widgets. I also thought the print was ideal. It isn’t too big neither too small. So, what do you think about my theme? Do you like it? Why? What would you have chosen instead? A colorful design theme? Feel free to leave any comments!

My Avatar

For Student Blogging Challenge, we were suppose to describe our avatar. My avatar is alike in many ways starting with the skin color.  It’s the color brown with brown eyes. Straight long black hair is the kind of hair that I have. The clothes represents that I like clothes that is this type but is not my favorite.  As you could see on the picture below, you could probably guess my personality.Esmeralda