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Being part of my family is the best thing that could happen. Being the only girl is the worst and best thing that could happen.

Wishing for a a less bossy bigger brother, wishing for a less insulting bigger brother, is the only thing I wish for him to change.

Wishing for my little brother  to be less stubborn is the only thing I wish he change.

I’m a sixth grader that has to support her little and big brother every single day!  Not every time I have frowns in my face but sometimes I have smiles that go from ear to ear. One of my favorite things is to use technology. Not to do homework that will make me past away is the least thing I like to do.  Going with my cousins laser tagging is one of my most memorable events. Going to my parents’ country is also a memorable thing because hanging out with over more than 25 cousins is such an unbelievable thing. The best opportunity I have ever had is to be in Miss Nichols’ class. Thank you Miss Nichols for everything you have done for me and my classmates. We really appreciate it. Please feel free to leave your comments. I will also love to receive recommendations from you guys. What do you recommend me?  Thank you for taking a sneak peak and hope you will visit more often. This was part of Student Blogging Challenge #1

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