Student Blogging Challenge # 9

1.)Will you continue blogging over your summer holidays (Northern hemisphere) or during the winter term (Southern Hemisphere)? Why or why not?

Well, what do you think? I am not really so sure what I’m going to do. One side of me says that I should but the other side of me isn’t that  sure. I think I will continue because I like writing about many topics. On the other hand, I think I should take a break for a while and then continue. What would you choose?

2.)If you didn’t get many visitors to your blog (other than your classmates), what do you think you need to do to get them to visit?

In my perspective, I did get visitors but for me, it wasn’t enough. I saw other classmates that had triple the visitors than what I had. I think my key to get more visitors is to comment more other blogs. That was one of my weakest things that I didn’t do.

(This was part of Student Blogging Challenge # 9)

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