Family Reunion

The best times of my life is hanging with my family. I really enjoy being with my family because it’s just an amazing thing seeing that you have¬† more than thirty cousins here with you, at that instant moment. Probably you could guess how many uncles and aunties I have by the number of cousins,¬† and they are fifteen. This is just from one side of my family. Every time I have a family reunion is usually from my dad’s side when we are in Mexico. We just gather together as a moment to be enjoyed because families from U.S usually go during summer. Everybody talks about anything and everybody does activities together (like playing soccer or playing jump rope). Sincerely, I don’t remember any conversations that we talk about but what I do know, is, that there are a lot of conversations floating around every single time. Do you enjoy being with your family? Where do you go to visit them? (This is part of Student Blogging Challenge #7. )

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