Earth Hour

Would you turned off your lights to show support for the people of Japan? I would. Those poor Japanese are suffering. Many people have died. Those horrible moments of the earthquake and tsunami are just surprising. They are NIGHTMARES! Why not show them some support? On Saturday, March 26,2011, lights will be turning off at 8:30 P.M.. Please turned your lights off. Help Japanese rise. They need our help! What do you think? This is part of Student Blogging Challenge #3. Thanks.

(P.S- Japan don’t worry we will ALL give you a hand.)

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2 thoughts on “Earth Hour

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  2. Dear Essie,

    This is a really interesting post. I think that you will inspire a lot of people to care more about the incident in Japan. Your post was also very descriptive. If you were in the incident, what would you do?


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